Drone Services  

Processing Drone Services

Drone Services

AerialScope offers a comprehensive range of drone services, catering to various industries and needs. For property inspections, our advanced drone technology enables thorough and efficient assessments of buildings and structures.

Additionally, AerialScope excels in 3D modeling, using drones to capture high-resolution imagery and generate accurate three-dimensional representations of objects and landscapes.

We also specialize in processing aerial data, leveraging cutting-edge software and algorithms to extract valuable information from captured imagery.

AerialScope’s capabilities extend to mapping and data services for the mining industry, providing precise aerial surveys and mapping solutions to optimize mining operations and enhance safety.

Our top-notch drone services empower clients with crucial data and aid in informed decision-making.


Construction Aerial Views


Drones have revolutionized the construction industry, providing a range of valuable services including inspections, construction progress photos and videos, thermal imaging, LiDAR, and more. With the ability to quickly and efficiently gather high-quality aerial data, drones allow for improved efficiency, safety, and new opportunities for businesses.

Our drone services provide construction companies with real-time, high-resolution imagery and data, allowing for more informed decision-making and enhanced collaboration.

This technology can also help identify and mitigate potential issues before they become larger problems, reducing the risk of delays, accidents, and cost overruns.

Drone Inspection services Thermal Aerial Views


Drones are becoming increasingly popular for various inspection purposes, including residential and commercial properties, solar panels, construction equipment, farm land, golf courses, and more.

Using drones for inspections provides numerous benefits, including cost-effectiveness, liability insurance savings, quicker operational turnaround, reduced risk, safer workflows, and better record keeping.

Drones provide high quality and more detailed imagery and data to be used for analysis and decision-making. This results in more informed and effective strategies for maintenance, repairs, and improvements.

Our drone services provide construction companies with real-time, high-resolution imagery and data, allowing for more informed decision-making and enhanced collaboration.

Processing Drone Inspection Services


At AerialScope, we have the expertise and equipment to process large volumes of aerial data in-house. Unlike some providers who rely on cloud-based processing, we keep our processing local.

Local processing offers greater security, speed, and control. We closely monitor and manage the processing of your data, giving you peace of mind that it is safe and secure. Because we’re processing your data locally, we also offer fast turnaround times.

When you use AerialScope for processing, you have access to actual people who can help you with any questions or issues. Unlike cloud-based processing, which heavily relies on automation, our local team is dedicated to ensuring that your data is processed accurately and efficiently.

MINING & AGGREGATE Inspection Services

Mining & Aggregate

Our mining and aggregate services offer a fast and accurate way to calculate volumes and manage inventory at all your sites. We’ll provide you with the data you need to increase efficiency, safety, and inventory control.

Whether you need 3D modeling, orthomosaic maps, or other types of data, we can deliver what best suits your business needs.

We are certified drone pilots, not licensed surveyors, and cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. However, we collaborate with local surveyors who will provide more accurate data when needed.

With our drone services, you can expect a cost-effective and convenient way to manage your inventory and increase productivity.

Photography & Video Services

Photography Services

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